The Convergence of Google and Twitter

The Convergence of Google and Twitter: New SEO Era

A new partnership has been forged between Google and Twitter, and this news first came out in February this year. This means that Google would be able to access Firehose which releases about 9000 tweets every second into the internet. Before this alliance, Google would crawl the social media website and pull out tweets that were relevant to the search engine and it did not work as expected. Twitter, on the other hand, has been slowly losing visitors and subscribers; or rather, Twitter was not gaining them as much as it used to. In this convergence, both the parties win.

Impact on SEO – For a normal business, this convergence means that all public tweets would be immediately visible and accessible through Google’s search engine. Small businesses would particularly get a chance to drive traffic to their websites by linking to content on blogs, offers and deals. Plus, they could update followers about their company and know that this information is reaching farther than it ever has before.

Previously, any big Twitter news improved the prospects of small businesses to gain a couple of followers. But now, it is not just about followers. The idea that a tweet could be read by millions of people across the internet is the best news small businesses have had from social media in a long time. A small business owner would now hold the power to make a business into something else overnight. Every tweet could be answering a random question or search query on the internet and this opens many doors for business organizations.

Tips For Businesses – For businesses that are not on Twitter, there has never been a better time to join the social media site. It is important to research about the basics of twitter, understand click boosting techniques, learn how to grow quality followers on the website, and also find out the best times to update on the website.

CTA – Site links and Call to Actions would ensure that tweets transform into a marketing and business tool.

Fast Reaction – Because of real time integration, it is important to monitor the page constantly and react to events quickly before they lose their importance.
Thinking Before Tweeting – Unlike the past, where tweets from earlier years went to the bottom of the timeline, the future would make every tweet hot and accessible every second. This is why tweets should be typed out after much deliberation.

Google would have direct access to the tweets coming from Twitter into its search engine stream. This means that ads could be served against content that is time sensitive (trending on Twitter) in nature. All this automatically translates to more revenue for Google. Also, for the first time since its inception, Twitter has a real chance of one-upping Facebook in its popularity and reach. Because all the tweets would now be easily searchable, the exposure that both Twitter and its users get would be massive. Twitter too would stand to increase its revenue from this deal.

Effective Marketing Tactics in 2015 starts with Content Strategy

Today’s consumer is compelled to buy online. It’s up to marketers to create content with purpose and value to convert online shoppers into repeat buyers. Prevailing content strategy is using current technology, such as digital marketing and capturing measurable results to develop ongoing marketing tactics for a consistent ROI of the digital marketing investment.

Smart Insights is offering a high value process for content strategy to capture analytics of traffic, leads and conversions into opportunities for business sales teams. Marketers with access to resources, creating personalized campaigns will take the lead establishing recognized consumer brands building ROI from digital marketing results.

Small business owners on limited budgets can benefit from content strategies responding to consumer’s need and educating them with value building trust, while converting a prospect into a client. In this case the digital marketing analytics develop effective marketing tactics using quality content, specifically created to drive customer actions, while, content strategy educates the buyer on the product benefits establishing a profitable value for the company.

Online businesses need to start with good content production, establishing measurable timelines of effective results from the targeted consumer market.

There are 7 keys to successful online content production:

1. Research keywords identifying terms and languages relevance to the target audience and market niche.
2. Organizing content is critical to helping the reader comprehend content value, and making it easier to locate related content.
3. Optimizing content exposure online is a must, without it promotion is useless.
4. Creating content to meet user needs are primary goals setting the foundation and perquisites for content production.
5. Localizing content and messaging are best strategies for creating a national brand’s relevance immediately.
6. Measuring content against business objectives creates measurable impacts for the client.
7. Testing content proves content effectiveness and usability testing focuses on how quickly the user finds and comprehends the content, striving for over 80% as a mark of excellence!

The current trend of content marketing is advertising intent, designed to generate online brand recognition. Digital market strategy brings them back making it easy to return directly, while expanding marketing efforts online to shared crowds. As a long term process for online business marketing tactics, content strategy consistently measures results as consumer habits change and shift.


The Future Innovation of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is fast gaining in momentum. It is nothing like what it was when this form of marketing began its journey. Using black hat SEO practices for tricking Google was pretty simple and common. However, now, the focus has shifted to quality. 5 years from now, there wouldn’t even be a question about black hat and fraudulent practices in this area of digital marketing. Other areas too will adapt to the changing times. Lead nurturing would be another key phrase. There is also a possibility of social interaction based core ranking metrics.

These are the small and expected developments. The big developments in digital marketing that the world can expect by 2020 are as follows –

Consumer Generated Brand Content – Already, mobile and smartphones are allowing brands to communicate with customers in a more personalized manner. 5 years from now, this would be developed further and improved upon. So much so, that eventually, the best content of a brand would be generated by the consumers themselves.

It would soon become a two-way conversation. This isn’t an overly optimistic prediction either because it has already began. Because of social media, brands can now actually see and witness the views of consumers about their content. This has almost made brand content a personally curated consumer affair. After all, the brands have to care for the end audience.

Programmatic Technology Will Become The New Face of Marketing – Currently, ‘programmatic’ is a word that gets a bad rep from all quarters. By 2020, however, experts believe that it would have replaced social marketing.

A few people might find this prediction lacking in substance but the fact is – people have already stopped talking about social media because it is everywhere. There is nothing novel in it. Social cleanses are becoming popular, with people leaving their social media selves behind them. In the future, digital marketing channels could be accessed via API and even traditional channels would jump in on the bandwagon.

Culture over Products, But Product Marketing over Service Based Marketing – People would care more and more about innovation when it comes to creative agencies. This is why, agencies would have to change their approach and the same goes for brands. Instead of working hard to ensure their consumers are always happy and loyal to them – like a service provider – brands would have to become like product providers. Thus, they would have to innovate on a consistent basis so that the consumers still care for them.

Consumers would focus more and more on culture instead of products, and for digital marketing agencies to stay in business in the future, this would be an important factor to account for.

For the last 20 years, mobile communication has become increasingly more relevant and the future would establish its niche, finally. Areas of the world that were previously unaware of the power of this tool would soon be included in all the progress and innovations. People’s lives would change for the better.


The 4 dynamic skills for the digital marketing industry in 2015

These are skills that will help a company create a great digital marketing strategy.

The world of marketing has really changed with all of the major advancements in the world of technology. In our day and age, it is relatively impossible to have a successful marketing plan without taking digital marketing into account. There are many skills that a company must look into when they are creating a digital marketing plan. Here in this article we will go over 4 dynamic skills for the digital marketing industry in 2015.

Content Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, content is key. Having the right articles on your website will make all of the difference when trying to reach your customers with a great message. When you are creating content for your site, you need to remember to follow some general rules regarding style, keywords, and length. This is something that could be researched very heavily for quite some time, but it is very crucial to know that great content really makes a big difference when it comes to creating a digital marketing plan that will be effective.

Web design and development

The design of your website is very important when it comes to appeasing customers or clients. Your website needs to be easy to use and navigate. This is something that may require outside professionals. There are companies out there that can create the most professional websites for your business. This will give you an edge above the competition, and will give you the ability to really get your message across to your customers or clients. For online stores, great web design is crucial. A web store needs to be easy to use and simple to navigate through. This is something that you will be able to achieve with the help of a web design professional.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is something that is going to be able to help you really show up in search results. Search engine optimization is greatly dependent on the keywords that you choose to place within the content of your site. It is very important to choose what categories you want to rank high in, and place many keywords for those categories on your site. Great content will help you to rank high in search results, which will bring more customers to your site.

Marketing Optimization

Marketing optimization will really help you to make the most out of your digital marketing campaigns. With marketing optimization you will be able to look at the numbers of customers and conversions that your digital marketing is getting your business. This way you will be able to tweak your marketing campaigns to get just what you are looking for in your marketing. Looking at the correct numbers will help you to find out just how effective you’re marketing campaigns really are. By optimizing your marketing you will be able to boost profits and lower the overall cost of your marketing. Your marketing will be much more effective after great marketing optimization takes place.


Issaquah Web Development and Internet Marketing Innovation

The word Internet marketing means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some it gives them a way to work from home, pursing either a part-time or full-time online job. For others it represents get rich quick schemes that promise near overnight riches with a few key strokes.

For businesses however, Internet marketing has become an indispensable part of their sales funnels and overall business models. Let’s go over how Internet marketing has not only changed the costumer perspective but also how web development itself is changing in response to it.

The Accessibility of Web Development

As Internet marketing exploded over the last decade web development matched its rapid growth. The reason is simple, without quality web development there can be no Internet marketing. This gave rise to many web development companies who sold their skills to clients that needed a strong online presence for their brand.

At first web development was mostly outsourced but as time went on more and more IT departments began to handle it in-house for companies. While this is an option outsourcing web development has many advantages over doing it in-house and remains an excellent option for any business.

Connecting with the Consumer

Internet marketing has made it easier than ever for brands to connect with their consumers. This is a double edged sword as businesses with poor brand management often times fall prey to trolls and negative publicity that can spread like wildfire online and ruin their reputations very quickly.

The good news is that web development companies typically understand how to mitigate the negative effects associated with Internet marketing and online brand interaction. Smart web design which allows the consumer just enough freedom to interact positively with a brand without allowing them to run wild is essential in this Digital Age.

Mobile Marketing

An offshoot of Internet marketing is the rise in mobile marketing. Brands are catching on to the fact that with more people using mobile their web properties need to be optimized for mobile. Web development companies can help with this and even take things a step further by building entire mobile marketing campaigns for brands.

The great thing about mobile marketing web development is that these mobile properties can be built fast and then easily discarded or replaced with a new campaign very quickly. This makes them the perfect compliment to a brand’s website and allows the consumer to engage with the brand for objective based marketing efforts.

Why a Start up Business should Consider Utilizing the tools of the Internet

Kirkland internet marketing

There are a vast array of reasons why a start up business should consider utilizing the tools of the Internet to advertise their services/products. As the Internet allows people to connect with others all throughout the world, a company would be at the greatest advantage by utilizing some of today’s most highly used networking platforms.

As there are billions of Internet users all over the world, a company has a great chance of having their website seen. However, the business owner should also be aware of the fact that just as there are billions of people that utilize the Internet to find the products and services they need through website searching, there are millions of businesses competing to make as many sales as possible.

In order to generate leads and exposure towards one’s website, the company should utilize the most proven strategies of marketing when developing their websites. There are many strategies that have been proven as being effective and efficient. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a viable option for companies that are looking to generate leads with little investment in time and effort. By hiring an SEO specialist, a company will be able to greatly increase the amount of visitors they receive into their website.

Search engine optimization works efficiently in many different ways. SEO is a tool that combines the best choices of phrases and keywords into a website’s content to allow people to find the link(s) associated with the written work through the utilization of some of today’s most popular and commonly used search engines. When an individual is seeking a certain kind of product or service, they will most likely use a search engine to find the thing(s) that they are searching for. A website that has content contained within it with the keywords and phrases the individual searches for will show up towards the front end of the query hits.

The better content a website has, the more towards the front of those hits the website will be placed in. As a certain product may have millions of pages with its name as a mention within the content of associated pages, the websites with the highest qualities of information will be shown within the first pages for the searcher. An SEO specialist allows a website owner to have the quality of content needed to ensure that their page(s) are shown towards the front pages to gain the exposure they need to succeed in today’s competitive Internet markets.


Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing and digital marketing are used often by big and small businesses. Each marketing method offers different benefits to companies during marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Drives More Sales

Small business owners rely on big sales during the first few years after they launch their businesses. The big issue is that their competitors often have a larger customer base. As a result, most small business owners have to work harder to achieve more sales. By using content marketing strategies, small businesses can attract enough customers and sales to remain financially stable.

Content Marketing Attracts Unexpected Customers

When business owners participate on blogs and social media sites, they attract new customers and clients. This is possible because many people visit social media sites to find good offers.

Content Marketing Positions Business Owners as Leaders

When used correctly, content marketing helps startup business owners establish themselves as leaders or experts. They gain trust because potential and current customers will have access to unique and helpful information. In some cases, the content may also improve SEO practices.

Content Marketing is Affordable

When compared to other kinds of marketing options, content marketing is quite affordable. However, marketers who choose to design content marketing campaigns must invest a lot of time and effort before they see any results.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

An Even Playing Field

Digital marketing is used by dozens of small business owners because it lets them easily compete with competitors. When other marketing methods are used, small businesses usually struggle since big business have larger marketing budgets.

Affordable Prices

The cost of digital marketing services is very reasonable. Because it is so effective, most small business owners no longer use expensive advertising channels, such as magazine ads and radio spots.

Easy to Measure

Digital marketing campaigns can be measured in real time. For example, marketers who place Google Analytics on their sites can easily measure who close they are to achieving their marketing goals. The biggest benefit to using analytics tools is that adjustments can be made immediately. Many businesses lose a lot of money because they fail to fine-tune their marketing campaigns on time.

A Better Strategy

Another advantage to using an analytic tool is that it provides information about the customer’s journey on the site. Although marketing by using traditional mail is effective, the results are usually slow and tough to track. Digital marketing is better because businesses can refine their strategies at any time.


Kent SEO Company

Kent SEO

Boosting your Internet exposure is essential for bringing in new clients to the business. If you are unable to do this, the potential customers are simply going to go elsewhere and not shop with your company. Due to this, you need to know how to improve your search engine rankings. Through the help of SEO, short for search engine optimization, you have the power to boost your visibility.

Now, this is something you can attempt to do on your own, but ultimately, it may not prove as desirable as you might think as it really requires extensive experience and knowledge on the process. So, when boosting your visibility amongst other companies and possible clients in the Kent area, you need to look towards a Kent Search Engine Optimization Company and see exactly how they are able to boost your exposure.

Best Your Images

While you are going to find the Kent Search Engine Optimization Company is able to work on your keywords and makes these easier to work with when it comes to your website, another way you are able to increase your visibility thanks to SEO is through the aid of images. Images are going to provide you with a few different benefits. For starters, you are able to tag your images with the same keywords the rest of the text uses. This way, it increases the number of keywords used on your page without stuffing the keywords just into the text. This makes it extremely desirable for boosting your SEO. Beyond this, it also makes it possible to increase the number of hits you receive thanks to an image search. An image search is extremely profitable and desirable, so you need to make sure to use these images. Fewer people perform image searches and fewer websites use large number of images. Due to this, the more picture you use, the more you are going to boost your access to other viewers, which makes your content that much more beneficial.

Proper Tagging

This is something all sorts of website owners run into. Proper tagging is necessary as it makes it easier for search engines to scan over your website and pinpoint desirable information that can boost Internet rankings. There are a few different tagging options available, all of which should be used. There are meta tags that can be placed into the coding of the website which is going to help improve the overall SEO of the website. Beyond this, tagging the title with keywords, headers, images, videos and just about anything else with specific keywords is important as it is going to help drive more traffic to the website. This kind of tagging is not going to come across as keyword stuffing due to the way the text is used. This way, it is going to boost the number of search results your website receives on a search engine and, in turn, this is going to help you increase the overall number of potential customers you have at your website.


Sammamish organic search engine optimization

Are you looking at boosting your search engine rankings without paying any kind of money towards advertisements that boost the appearance of your website?

If so, Sammamish organic search engine optimization is the way to go. With this form of marketing, you do not pay out to increase your search engine optimization but instead you simply change the content on your website to do this. Now, this does not mean you are going to completely redesign your website. You probably only need to make a few minor changes and from there you will be good to go. With the help of Sammamish organic search engine optimization, you should be able to see results start to come in no time.


Keywords are the most important element of your website and it is going to play a large role in improving your Sammamish organic search engine optimization. These are what people type into the search engine in order to find your website, so you need to think like your website viewer and include this sort of content. It all really comes down to what you are looking for and what sort of content your website features. Once you determine what keywords are going to work best for you, you can use the words not only in the main body of your page, but in the title and section headers as well. However, you need to keep the use of these keywords natural. Once you start to stuff the keywords into the text of your website, it is simply going to come off as forced, which in turn may reduce the ranking of your website.

Spread the Wealth

The more output methods you have working on your website, the easier it is for individuals to find you. This is both because there are more links and ways for the viewer to reach your website, but also because search engines are going to view your content and deem you to be more valuable due to what you provide. This means, if you have the opportunity or the time, you need to add different outlet methods. Beyond just having different social media websites that bring in viewers, you should also consider starting a blog and possibly even a podcast. With different media outlets, it improves your website’s worth, which in turn is going to help increase your appearance and boost your overall SEO.


Bothell organic search engine optimization

Do you want to boost your search engine optimization for your website? Naturally you do, you just need to find out the best way to go about doing this. Now, it is possible to do this in many different ways, you just need to decide how much, or how little money you want to spend on it. There is a method of paying for your link to appear at the top of all search engine results based on specific keywords. This, however, is not organic. You are influencing the results of search engines by paying money for these spots. However, the top click-receives are generally those that reach the top of search results without the payment option. These reach the top of search results based on organic methods. So, if you want to utilize the Bothell organic search engine optimization.

With the help of Bothell organic search engine optimization, you can drastically increase the amount of traffic your website receives. There are a few different ways you can go about accomplishing these Bothell organic search engine optimization steps. First, you need to look over your website and improve the keywords. These keywords need to be very specific and, in all actuality, they are more phrases the keywords. The general term for it is long tail keywords, which means there are four or five different words attached to it. Now, these different keywords are going to specifically represent your content. So, if you make tables to sell over the Internet, you do not just want to use the word table to describe it. If you do, you are going to have hundreds of thousands of other websites probably outrank you. However, if you make and sell handmade organic maple coffee tables, this combination of words is enough to drastically boost your search engine results and improve upon the number of hits you are going to receive.

You also need to use plenty of pictures. These pictures are going to help you boost the amount of both text and image results you are going to receive. Plus, it keeps your content more interesting and it is also going to bring in the ability to tag content more as well. Just make sure to type in the proper text for the image and do not just upload a document with an odd “.dc9870md9” title, but instead something that describes what it is, as this helps.