Trevor Noah: So Many Screw Ups, So Little Time To Cover Them All

Trevor Noah didnt quite know where to begin Thursday night to cover all the gaffes, corruption and intrigue around the world on The Daily Show. He took a stab at the latest illegal payment corruption allegation against Brazils president and the king of the Netherlands long-time secret gig as an airline pilot. But the best, as always, was Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putins toss rabbit, Noah chortled.

The top story should have been Turkish President Tayyip Erdogans goons beating up Americans protesting Turkish policy in Washington, D.C., said Noah.Sweet Jesus. Do you understand how insane this is? asked Noah. So far, though, nada from Trump, who has business interests in Turkey.

But how could anyone ignore the special prosecutornamed to investigate Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election, and a possible connection to the Trump campaign?

Oh damn, people, preened Noah. A special counsel is going to be investigating Trump. Hes going to serve two terms probably … two terms in prison.

Check it out above.

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