5 Strip Clubs That Have Stuff For Your Parents To Do

When you’re hitting the strip club with your parents in tow, be sure to check out these scintillating hot spots that offer plenty of stuff for them to do while you’re busy watching the dancers.

1. Diamond Cabaret, Las Vegas: This Sin City destination is packed with more than its fair share of leggy blonds, and also a no-nonsense barber’s chair, where your dad can get a quick shave while you take in the show. Just look for the only stripper pole that has spinning stripes of red, white, and blue, and let the barber chat with your dad about hockey and Billy Joel while the cabaret’s scantily-clad employees dance an alluring burlesque for your entertainment.

2. Legs Oasis, Milwaukee: This club may be most famous for its exotic dancers, but its champagne room is also Wi-Fi-enabled and has a wireless printer in the corner, making it the perfect business center for any parent willing to pay $150 per half hour to check their work email and print out quarterly reports. Legs Oasis even has a full tech team standing by to help your parents trouble-shoot any email issues, and you’ll be able to slip more than enough dollar bills into G-strings before the business center closes at 11 and you have to take your parents home.

3. Wild Stallions, Miami: You’ll love hitting this cowboy-themed bar for a fun night on the town, and your parents will love the one dancer who doesn’t strip but instead just tells them historical facts about the Wild West. Your parents will spend the entire night sitting rapt with attention as they learn about Billy the Kid and the financial pressures associated with owning a saloon in the late 19th century while you watch the bar’s oiled-up and muscular hunks do what they do best.

4. Jack Stetson’s Hustler Club, San Francisco: Nestled just beneath the flashing neon cabaret signs is a reading nook your parents can cozy up in to log a few quality hours with their latest paperback. The light beams bouncing off the dancers’ disco bras will help your parents who struggle to read in low light fly through the last few chapters of their novel just in time for book club, all while you’re enjoying some private time with one of the women working the pole that night.

5. Amber Fox Gentleman’s Club, Chicago: This upscale establishment brings a touch of class to the art of stripping, and is also stocked with more than 300 DVDs of films from the Criterion Collection. Arguing over their favorite scenes in Casablanca and gushing over Stanley Kubrick will keep your parents occupied for hours as you enjoy the club dancers’ tasteful partial nudity.

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Scotland Plans To Become One Of The First Countries To Ban Plastic Cotton Buds

In a move that experts say will cut Scotland’s marine plastic pollution in half, the government is proposing a ban to prohibit manufacturing and selling plastic-stemmed cotton buds.

A proposal to introduce the ban will be put to public consultation. If approved, Scotland will be the first country in the UK to legislate against the plastic pokies.

“Banning plastic cotton buds would be a clear sign of our ambition to address marine plastics and demonstrate further leadership on this issue,” said Scotland’s environment secretary, Roseanna Cunningham.

You might wonder how your earwax cleaner makes its way from your bathroom to the beach. The answer is surprisingly simple: people flush them down the toilet. Scotland’s sewage infrastructure collects and treats around 945 million liters of waste water every day, says Cunningham. To put it in perspective, that’s 378 Olympic size pools. During heavy rains, sewers can overflow into waterways and the small stems can squeeze through sewage filters. On the beach, the plastic from cotton swabs makes up over 60 percent of all sewer-related litter.

Switching to paper sticks means when waterlogged they will sink to the bottom of sewer treatment systems, stopping them from flowing out to sea.  

A campaign that reached more than 150,000 signatures inspired retailers like multinational corporation Johnson & Johnson to “switch the stick” from plastic to paper. However, many plastic options are still imported by other companies.

“For things that are maybe used for just five minutes to clean out ears or eye make-up – they can cause huge impacts on our oceans for hundreds of years,” said Catherine Gemmell, conservation officer with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), in a statement. Last year MCS found more than 3,500 plastic cotton swabs on beaches across Scotland during its annual cleanup; an average of 29 for every 100 meters (328 feet).

The proposed ban follows a recent UK ban prohibiting the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetic and personal care products. Today, around 30 countries have implemented similar bans on plastic products.

At this very moment, an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating through the ocean and weigh more than 250,000 tons, according to a six-year study published in PLOS One. Every year 8 million tons of plastic goes into the ocean and estimates suggest marine plastics pollution will outweigh fish by 2050. Off the coast of Honduras, there is even a sea of plastic. All of this waste has a devastating effect on marine life, which often mistake plastic for food or habitat.

The plastic issue is so systemic that the United Nations has warned it poses a serious threat to human health after a study found more than a quarter of fish markets in Indonesia and California contain plastic particles

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Judge rules against Trump administration on rescinding DACA

A federal judge in San Francisco on Tuesday barred the Trump administration from turning back the Obama-era DACA program, which shielded more than 700,000 people from deportation, Reuters reported.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup, an appointee of President Bill Clinton, ruled that the program must stay intact while litigation is played out. 

Alsup ordered that until a final judgment is reached, the program must continue and those already approved for DACA protections and work permits must be allowed to renew them before they expire.

Dreamers who have never received DACA protections, however, will not be allowed to apply, Alsup ordered. Trump last year ended the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. He gave Congress until March to find a fix. 

The Department of Justice said in a statement that the ruling does not change the department’s position on the facts.

“DACA was implemented unilaterally after Congress declined to extend these benefits to this same group of illegal aliens. As such, it was an unlawful circumvention of Congress, and was susceptible to the same legal challenges that effectively ended DAPA,” the statement read. 

Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program was intended to keep the immigrant parents safe from deportation and provide them with a renewable work permit good for two years, but it was blocked by a federal judge after 26 states filed suit against the federal government and challenged the effort’s legality.

Trump said he was willing to be flexible on DACA in finding an agreement as Democrats warned that the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrants hung in the balance.

“I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with,” Trump said during a Cabinet Room meeting with a bipartisan group of nearly two dozen lawmakers.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Trump appeared optimistic that Congress could reach a decision on the program.

Trump ended DACA in September. Immigration advocates estimate that more than 100 people a day lose the protected status because they did not renew their permits before the deadline, The Journal reported.

Trump is using border security—including a border wall– as a bargaining chip and Democrats want to use their sway on the spending bill to protect immigrants under DACA.    

The plaintiffs in the suit included, among others, attorneys general from California, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and the University of California

Xavier Becerra, California’s attorney general, filed a motion seeking the preliminary injunction in November, saying that the move is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and causes “irreparable” harm to DACA recipients.

Becerra said in a statement late Tuesday that the ruling is a “huge step in the right direction.”

“America is and has been home to Dreamers who courageously came forward, applied for DACA and did everything the federal government asked of them,” he said. “They followed DACA’s rules, they succeeded in school, at work and in business, and they have contributed in building a better America.” 

Fox News’ Jake Gibson and The Associated Press contributed to this report

Edmund DeMarche is a news editor for FoxNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @EDeMarche.

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Man sentenced after marrying woman and her daughter

A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to prison last week after pleading no contest to charges that he married a woman — and then married her daughter a year later without first obtaining a divorce.

A judge ordered Christopher I. Hauptmann, 44, to serve a term ranging from one year minus a day to two years minus a day, Penn Live reported.

Hauptmann was convicted of bigamy, forgery and unsworn falsification to authorities, the website reported.

Hauptmann had used the alias “Christopher Buckley” on some documents, the report said.

Christopher I. Hauptmann and Kaylee Durovick.  (Facebook)

Ironically, the former owner of bail bonds business in Shamokin — about 70 miles north of Harrisburg — was unable to post his own bail. But his 332 days of time already served will go toward his sentence, the website reported.  

Shannon Deitrich, the woman Hauptmann married in 2015, testified against him. Hauptmann married Deitrich’s daughter, Kaylee Durovick, the following year without having first divorced Deitrich, the website reported.

The daughter was 18 at the time, according to Inside Edition

Hauptmann is now prohibited from contacting Deitrich, but is reportedly still married to Durovick.

Some charges against “Christopher Buckley,” filed in Schuylkill County, remain unresolved, PennLive reported.

Fingerprints confirmed Hauptmann and Buckley were the same person, according to authorities, the website reported. 

Benjamin Brown is a reporter for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @bdbrown473.

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African-American unemployment hit record low in December

Years of steady hiring and economic growth have delivered a cumulative benefit for at least one group that hasn’t always shared in America’s prosperity.

The unemployment rate for African-Americans fell to 6.8 percent in December, the lowest level since the government began tracking such data in 1972. The reasons range from a greater number of black Americans with college degrees to a growing need for employers in a tight job market to widen the pool of people they hire from.

Still, the rate for black workers remains well above those for whites and some other groups, something experts attribute in large part to decades of discrimination and disadvantages.

Robust job creation has lowered unemployment for all Americans. U.S. employers added nearly 2.1 million jobs in 2017 — the seventh straight year that hiring has topped 2 million. The U.S. economy gained a hefty 5.7 million jobs in 2014 and 2015 alone.

But there are also less-happy reasons for the lower unemployment rates: Fewer Americans are either working or looking for work. (People who aren’t actively seeking a job aren’t counted as unemployed.) An aging population means there are more retirees. Young Americans are also staying in school longer before job-hunting.

And some people, perhaps discouraged about their prospects, have given up looking for work and so aren’t included in the unemployment rate.

Here are some questions and answers about African-Americans’ record-low unemployment rate:


Q. Given the record-low unemployment rates, is this the best job market ever for blacks?

A. Not necessarily. As with nearly all demographic groups, a smaller proportion of blacks have jobs now than before the Great Recession, in part because of retirements, more people staying in school and discouraged would-be workers.

The best job market for African-Americans might actually have been in 2000, when 61.4 percent of black adults were employed, the highest proportion ever. That figure fell below 52 percent in the depths of the recession, and is now 57.9 percent.

The same pattern occurred for other groups. Two-thirds of Latinos were employed in 2000; now, only 62.5 percent are. About 65 percent of whites were working in 2000, far higher than the current 60.4 percent. (The data for Asians goes back only to 2003.)


Q. Why is the African-American unemployment rate higher than the rate for whites?

A. The main reason is discrimination, according to most research. Valerie Wilson, director of the Economic Policy Institute’s program on race, ethnicity and the economy, notes that even when African-Americans have similar levels of education or experience, their chances of being unemployed are higher.

“That’s what begs the question of what else could be the major reason,” Wilson said.

Nancy DiTomaso, a business professor at Rutgers University, says her research has found that whites likely benefit from networks of family and friends that don’t intentionally exclude blacks or other minorities. Yet, nevertheless, their networks have the effect of helping whites get jobs more readily than blacks.


Q. What about other ethnic and racial groups?

A. Everyone is benefiting from the healthy job market. The unemployment rate for Latinos was 4.9 percent in December, just above the record low of 4.8 percent reached in June.

And the jobless rate for Asians was 2.5 percent in December, just above the record low of 2.4 percent set in 2006.


Q. What factors have helped lower unemployment for African-Americans?

A. One major reason, Wilson says, is that many more black Americans are college graduates than in the past. That doesn’t completely offset the effects of discrimination. But among all groups, college graduates have lower unemployment rates than those with less education.

Another driver is economic: When the national unemployment rate falls to ultra-low levels, employers typically cast wider nets to find the workers they need. As they do so, they typically start pulling in more people from historically disadvantaged groups. These include job-seekers with less education as well as racial minorities.

With the current U.S. unemployment rate at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent, that appears to be what’s happening.

Some economists want the Federal Reserve to hold off on raising the short-term interest rate it controls for exactly this reason: Raising that rate could slow growth just as the benefits of the economy’s expansion are spreading to disadvantaged groups.

Q. Where might the unemployment rate for African-Americans go from here?

A. It depends on the economy. Most economists expect healthy growth this year, fueled in part by the Trump administration’s tax cuts for individuals and companies. That should lower unemployment for all Americans.

Typically, the African-American unemployment rate is about twice the rate for whites and is more volatile. Wilson calculates that for each percentage-point change in the rate for whites, up or down, the rate for African-Americans will swing by about 1.6 points.


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A Thank You Letter To Shameless From All The Strong Girls Watching

/ Shameless

Thank you for showing what a dysfunctional family looks like. Not the soft kind on sitcoms who have silly arguments that always end in kisses and a lesson learned. The kind with abuse. The kind with alcoholism. The kind with toxic family members. The kind with problems, problems that go beyond disagreeing over a boyfriend or the leftovers in the fridge.

Thank you for showing that children don’t have to become their parents. That, even if they have tainted genes, addictions that are passed down to them, they aren’t destined to fall down the same self-destructive path as their mom and dad. They can choose to be different. They can work to change themselves. They can take the shit hand they have been given and make something special out of it.

Thank you for showing what it’s like to be stuck inside of a toxic environment. To grow up too early. To learn from an early age that some people, even your own family members, aren’t deserving of your time and effort, even though they raised you and put a roof over your head. Thank you for showing how sometimes you have to raise yourself, you have to take care of yourself, you have to put yourself first because no one else is going to do it for you.

Thank you for showing how much success someone can gain, even though they come from nothing. For making it clear that someone’s wealth and status have no correlation to their creativity and intelligence. For making it clear that it doesn’t matter what kind of house you grew up in, because you can still accomplish whatever you set out to do. You can still go to college. You can still start your own business. You can still make something of yourself.

Thank you for showing the reality of relationships. For showing couples come together and fall apart. For showing important relationships end and finding out that both parties are still breathing, still surviving without the other person. Thank you for making it clear that you can get over any heartbreak, even if you thought it was going to last a lifetime. Thank you for showing not everything lasts — and that is actually okay. That can actually lead to growth.

Thank you for showing how hard it is to make it through your twenties. For how hard it is to scrounge together enough money to pay for your own place. For how hard it is to make it until graduation day and get a steady job without losing your goddamn mind.

Thank you for showing Lip working to overcome his alcoholism. Thank you for showing Ian comfortable with his sexuality. Thank you for showing Fiona make something of herself without anyone helping her succeed.

Most of all, thank you for reminding me I’m not alone in my struggles. For making me realize I’m not as fucked up as I feel. Thank you for showing me a family I can actually relate to for once, because it helps to know I’m not the only one going through this shit. 

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Southern California mudslides, flooding leave at least 13 dead in Montecito, highways closed

At least 13 people were killed Tuesday after a powerful winter storm drenching Southern California sent mud, rocks and debris plummeting down wildfire-scarred hillsides and into several neighborhoods, some of which house lavish celebrity homes.

The deaths were reported in the Montecito and Carpinteria areas northwest of Los Angeles, which were severely hit by flooding and a debris flow, Amber Anderson with the Santa Barbara Office of Emergency Services confirmed to Fox News. The Coast Guard said it’s providing three to four air ships for rescue operations, but will not conduct air rescue missions if there are drones in the area.

Rescues have unfolded throughout the day in Montecito, an enclave that includes the mansions of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and several other celebrities.

Multiple rescues were underway in Montecito due to flood waters and debris flows.  (Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County FD)

Mike Eliason, a public information officer with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, said the heavy rains triggered “massive runoff.”

He tweeted, “Multiple rescues from vehicles and structures are underway. Access is difficult/delayed due to-at some locations-waist deep mudflow, trees, and wires down. Avoid the area.”

The Santa Barbara Fire Department told KEYT-TV at least three homes have been destroyed by a mud and debris slide in the area of Hot Springs Road. One man was also rescued from mud that was up to his neck, Santa Barbara County Fire Captain Dave Zaniboni told the news station.

Greg Villeneuve, who is staying at the Montecito Inn in Santa Barbara while in the area on business, told Fox News on Tuesday the skies have cleared up but mangled cars, trees, and branches are littering the area.

“I’ve been coming to Santa Barbara for 17 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said.

Firefighters rescue people from flood waters and debris flows in California.  (Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department)

Villeneuve said the 101 Freeway located near the hotel is flooded with several feet of water, and the National Guard has showed up in trucks to assist first responders.

“I’ve love being part of the Montecito community,” DeGeneres wrote on Twitter. “I send love to all the families and the amazing rescue workers braving these mudslides.”

Flood waters and debris from a mud slide cover the 101 Freeway in Santa Barbara, Calif. outside the Montecito Inn.  (Greg Villeneuve)

Actor Rob Lowe said on Twitter he was “praying for all our friends and neighbors,” adding it was a “very bad situation in Montecito.”

Zaniboni told KEYT “multiple” homes were destroyed and residents were unaccounted for in neighborhoods below hillsides scarred by recent fires. The television station also showed a body being loaded into a military-style truck on a mud-covered street.

Firefighters in Montecito were able to rescue a 14-year-old girl after she was trapped for hours inside a destroyed home, according to Eliason.

In Montecito, some residents told the Los Angeles Times they had shrugged off dire warnings about the rainstorm before waking up to the deluge.

“I woke up ready this morning to laugh and scoff at all the gloom-and-doom predictions,” Dominic Shiach told the newspaper. “It’s actually way worse than I thought it was going to be.”

Damage in Montecito after heavy rains caused several flooding and mudslides in the area.  (Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County FD)

In another Twitter post, Eliason posted pictures of firefighters rescuing two men and a woman from flood waters on Hot Springs Road in Montecito.

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles said at least five inches of rainfall fell in the town of Ojai in Ventura County. The region about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles is located in the burn area of the Thomas Fire, which scarred the land last month and was the largest in California history.


A yearslong drought eased in the state last spring, but Northern California had a dry start to winter and hardly any measurable rain fell in the south over the past six months. The extremely dry conditions and high winds last year led to some of the most destructive blazes on both ends of the state.

Fox News’ Shira Bush and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Travis Fedschun is a reporter for FoxNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @travfed

Nicole Darrah covers breaking and trending news for FoxNews.com. Follow her on Twitter @nicoledarrah.

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Chelsea Handler Getting Heat For ‘Homophobic’ Tweet About Senator Lindsey Graham

Oh, Chelsea Handler.

The 42-year-old comedian is under fire for sending a tweet regarding Senator Lindsey Graham that many found to be “homophobic.” Many from the conservative corner of the Internet are also pointing to a double standard — arguing that if someone from the right were to say the same thing, they’d be torn apart.

Let’s discuss.

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So, on Wednesday night, Chelsea tweeted in response to seeing video footage from Graham’s recent meeting with Donald Trump:

Ch-ch-check out the responses to the message some are calling “explicitly anti-gay” (below)!

Thoughts??? SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via FayesVision/ATP/WENN.]

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Doug Jones Victory In Alabama Is Seriously Groundbreaking, & Heres Why

Late on Dec. 12, 2017, the unthinkable happened — well, unthinkable. Democrat Doug Jones won the hotly contested Alabama Senate seat in a contentious campaign against Republican Roy Moore. For casual observers and wonks alike, Jones’s victory is nothing short of monumental for several reasons, because of the rarity of Alabama Democrats. When did Alabama last have a Democratic Senator? Well, let’s just say that Cardi B. wasn’t even yet.

In fact, Alabama is so deep-red that Jones is the southern state’s first Democrat to be elected to Senate in 25 years. According to Business Insider, the last time a Democrat in Alabama was elected to the Senate was in 1992, when Richard Shelby was elected. But there’s a catch to Shelby’s story: he initially ran (and won) as a Democrat in 1986. He had a successful re-election bid in 1992, but two years later, in 1994, he switched to the Republican party. In 2017 he is still Alabama’s senior senator — and he reportedly didn’t vote for Moore. In fact, he said he was “relieved” when Moore lost, according to The Hill.

After Shelby switched, he told CNN in 2001 that he was happy with his decision seven years later. “Philosophically, I was not tuned in to the Democratic Party; I had not been. The party had become more liberal,” he said. “I’m glad I left. I feel very comfortable in the Republican Party, with the Republican philosophy, and I wish everybody well.”

And it seems, 16 years after that interview, that Shelby is still down with the GOP.

Perhaps most interestingly, Shelby was, per Business Insider, the first senator to switch between the two major parties in 30 years. Look at you Alabama, breaking barriers, making waves, setting trends.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unlike Shelby, however, Jones is not likely to switch parties anytime soon, because Jones is pretty solidly blue. He’s a moderate Democrat, despite some leftists feeling he’s too far to the right. How so?

Well, for starters, while Jones believes that the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka Obamacare) has room for improvement — like, a lot of room — he is staunchly opposed to an ACA repeal, according to his campaign site. Further, he is opposed to the Trump birth control mandate roll-back. Jones also scored an endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBTQ organization. The GOP, on the other hand, states in its official party platform that they “do not accept the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and we urge its reversal.” (In other words, they’re against marriage equality.)

So it doesn’t seem like he’ll be pulling a Shelby anytime soon.

And anyways, it seems that Jones is starting off strong. Despite the fact that he’s likely not going to take office until after the new year, Jones, as Alabama’s first Senate Democrat in a quarter of a century, is already advocating for progressive policies. In his victory speech, he called for his future colleagues to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), whose funding lapsed  in Sept. and has yet to be reauthorized by Congress.

Though CHIP has historically been popular across the aisle, it has gotten caught up in the bitter partisan bickering over the federal budget, and Republicans have not yet come up with a compromise to fund the program. More than 80,000 children in Alabama rely on CHIP for health insurance, and the state is slated to run out of funds by early next year, so, hoo-boy, Jones is coming out hot on behalf of Alabama.

And he’d better. He has a good impression to make as the first Democrat in his seat in a quarter century.

To put things into perspective, the last time a Democrat was elected to Senate by Alabama, Cartoon Network had been established by Turner Broadcasting. and were released in theaters. Miley Cyrus was born. Bill Clinton was elected President. MTV’s premiered for the first time. Gas was, on average, $1.19 per gallon. And, of course, Whitney Houston’s cover of “I Will Always Love You” topped the charts.

I could go on, but you get my drift. 1992 was a different time, a different world. Though Jones isn’t the first Alabama Dem in Senate by any means, he is still breaking barriers. So congratulations, Senator-elect. Welcome to the shitshow.

Read more: https://elitedaily.com/p/when-did-alabama-last-have-a-democratic-senator-its-been-awhile-7588641

US To Become World’s Leading Producer Of Oil In 2018, Says New Report

The US is set to become the world’s leading oil-producing nation, overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russia for the first time since 1975. That’s according to a new report from the Norwegian independent oil and gas consultancy Rystad Energy

The company released a statement in late December announcing US crude oil production capacity had hit an average of 10 million barrels per day by the end of 2017. On Wednesday, they predicted production would continue to increase, growing a further 10 percent over the course of the year.

This would take production in the US up to a staggering 11 million barrels per day. To put this into perspective, a decade ago the US was producing less than half that amount – 5.1 million barrels per day, to be precise.  

So, what can we credit (or blame, depending on your politics) for this increase? The biggest factor here is shale oil.

“The market has completely changed due to the US shale machine,” said Nadia Martin Wiggen, Rystad’s vice president of markets, reports CNN Money.

A move towards shale oil and fracking (the hugely controversial process involved in the production of shale oil) has meant that US reliance on foreign oil has dropped substantially. Basically, oil imports are down while oil exports are up. 

Another point to consider is the role of the Trump administration, which has been notoriously pro-oil and anti-EPA. The US has been ramping up its fossil fuel production while other oil-producing nations are winding down theirs, despite the fact that there are more jobs in solar energy than oil, gas, and coal combined.

In the past year, the federal government has cut industry regulation, approved the Keystone XL pipeline, and signed an executive order to restart Arctic drilling. 

There have been some doubts over these forecasts, however. Vice chairman of Blackstone’s (BX) private wealth solutions group Byron Wien, who has been casting new year’s predictions since 1986, has said fracking production in 2018 will be “disappointing”.

Meanwhile, the US Energy Information Agency (EIA), which, like Rystad Energy, envisions US oil production will reach a “record high” in 2018, admits that the demand for oil is unlikely to grow alongside a growth in oil production. It might be just as well because this increase in oil production could be very short-lived. In 2017, oil discoveries were at their lowest since the ’40s.

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