How a digital marketing and web development company for startups digitally markets itself?

The major hurdle faced by most start-up companies is figuring out how to successfully launch their product. The new product or service may potentially be a game changer, but if the strategies leading to the launch are not effective, success is likely to be minimal. Having a good product is no longer enough to ensure success; a good marketing strategy must also be implemented. Sadly, majority of start-ups are not well-equipped with effective strategies to surmount the challenges they face.

Competition is much more intense these days. There are practically hundreds of new products, technologies, and services that are introduced each day. Further complicating matters is the tough competition that start-ups have to face from well-established brands and companies.

Fortunately, the Internet is a friendly place for those starting a new company or business. The digital world allows companies to tap into a vast resource that would be otherwise unavailable. This can help them launch their product within a shorter amount of time compared to using conventional marketing methods. Of course, owners of start-ups must know how to use the Internet properly.

Digital marketing and web development companies are here to give start-ups the boost you need. How do they do it? Take a look at this start-up launch marketing plan:


Branding is everything in this highly competitive world. There is endless competition. To get ahead, you have to make your company stand out from the rest. It isn’t enough that you have a great idea. You have to establish a brand that people will recognize anywhere.

Strategic Positioning

To successfully create a brand, strategic positioning is essential. This will point the company in the right direction.

For this, a simulation has to be made for an early adopter target market. You should define the category to which your service or product belongs. Next, map the key benefits of the product and its core value proposition. This can take at least 12 to 24 months in order to get more accurate data. Fast-tracking the process is discouraged because it is likely to yield poor results as well as wasted time and effort.

The main focus in this crucial first step is determining who your customers will be and why they should buy from you. You should get to know the target market and organize your product or service to suit their needs. You should also take this time to have a clearer idea of what potential customers might be looking for. You can also create a need so that they will patronize your product. This way, you can make a good offer that they will find very enticing.

Developing the Brand

The name and the logo are very important. Look at the successful companies, especially the recent start-ups. They have powerful, enticing names and logos. In the digital world, even the URL of its website should make a company stand out from the rest. It should be easily recognizable and easily remembered. Most of all, it must mean something.

There are programs available to help decide on the most appropriate logo, iconography, and name. You can choose from several dedicated programs that can be run rapidly and produce quality results.

Logos should be eye-catching and inspiring. It should attract the right people from the day it is launched. The URL should be planned well, too. Use your unique creativity for this step.

Web Presence

Having a powerful web presence is vital before a launch. It generates buzz even before the company formally announces its offers. It will create hype and pique the interest of the market. Remember, your company is new. You most likely do not have a history of good service and quality products behind you just yet. To get noticed, you have to make your company visible. One very effective way of doing that is making yourself visible in every way possible on the World Wide Web.

A functional site is no longer enough to establish a good web presence. What start-ups need is a sophisticated website which can fulfill different roles simultaneously. It has to be more of a customer-oriented app than a mere informational website. Interactive websites are more preferred nowadays.

A rich and dynamic social media link to your product is also critical. A Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, and an active blog site are at the core of this step. iPhone apps, Facebook apps, and Web apps can really help, too. Digital marketing companies may have access to the right people who can develop these for your start-up company. Also, their partnerships and links are invaluable in boosting your web presence.


There are so many ways to get and stay connected on the web. As a start-up, your company should have ongoing blogging, digital PR, SEO, and video marketing to maintain a solid presence in the digital world. Otherwise, your start-up can quickly get lost in an ever-changing digital landscape.


Blogging is a powerful tool. Studies conducted from 2009 to 2012 found that respondents grew from 48% to 62% due to company blogs alone. This holds an important seat at the core of digital marketing.

A blog is the front foot of the marketing strategy. It should step in the right direction. Blogs should be professionally designed, set up, and managed in order to be effective.

Company blogs should work to enhance strategic positioning. A blog must promote the category to which the product or service belongs. It should send the right message and define the credentials and benefits of the service or product.

Digital PR

A good PR and partnering program must be in place to support and move the web presence in the right direction. This program should monitor online reputation, word of mouth (WOM), and conversations. This helps to see if the web presence is strong enough or if it has to be adjusted to suit the target market.

Viral videos

Creating a video that goes viral is one of the most powerful marketing strategies in the web. An amateurish video will definitely not be enough to get the attention that a start-up company needs; it has to be professionally done. The video must appeal to its target audience in such a way that they would want to share it and make it go viral. And since it is about your product, it must inspire trust and reliability.

The video-making process is just one step. A good digital and web marketing company should also be able to help in creating and distributing the video, raise awareness, and increase its WOM. Putting the video up on the web is not enough. There should be a team that will get the ball rolling, posting in sites that can help, etc. The team will also regularly check feedback to evaluate the video’s effectiveness.

Link Building and SEO

SEO initiatives will increase the start-up’s web presence. SEO and link building must be closely coordinated with the rest of the digital PR strategy to make it work in your company’s favor.


The first 2 steps are the basic ingredients to making the start-up go viral. These create awareness of your brand and produce enough hype. By the time you finally launch your company, the market is ready to receive you. After branding and connecting, the next step is advertising.

In the online world, strategic digital PR is essential. Crowdsourcing is also important. Introducing the start-up product or service through GoogleAds and other platforms is also an important factor. Digital and web marketing companies can help with all these.


Finally, after creating a brand, building awareness, and making a strong presence in the digital world, your start-up company can finally launch. If the previous steps have been carefully planned and executed, the launch will have very high chances of success.