Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015?

It’s that time of year again – time to finalize the operating budget for 2015.

In my corporate life, I found that marketing budgets were often the most “fluid” of all expense items. That’s a nice way of saying it was frequently the first place to cut.

I think I know why marketing and advertising are favorites among bean counters looking for places to “cut expenses.” It can be summed up in an often quoted statement: “Half our advertising works – we just don’t know which half.” In other words, it’s hard to quantify. That may have been the case, when ad dollars were primarily spent on newspapers, TV and radio. Fortunately, with internet marketing and Web analytics, that’s no longer the case.

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can easily and accurately measure the return on your marketing investment. The key is to measure this metric correctly. I may be a marketer, but I’m also a numbers guy and a business owner. When I decide to make an investment, I’m reasonably sure of the outcome. I trust that most successful business owners and managers function the same way.

Measuring Organic Search (SEO) ROI

Following is a formula, often used incorrectly, to measure return on Investment (ROI) for organic search:

Organic Search ROI Calculation Assuming “One Shots”

Example: selling blue widgets
Number of new customers acquired via organic search in a given month 10
Average net incomve (profit) per order $100
Total profits from new organic search customers in a given month $1,000
Monthly marketing budget (expense) $2,500
Monthly profits from new customers ($1,000) divided by monthly organic marketing spend ($2,500) ROI = -60%


If your average customer only buys from you one time, this is a problem. However, most online retailers rely on repeat business, in order to flourish. Failure to calculate the lifetime value of a newly acquired client distorts the true ROI. The proper way to calculate ROI, when repeat customers are the norm, follows:

Organic Search ROI Calculation Assuming Lifetime Value

Same example: selling blue widgets
Number of new customers acquired via organic search in a given month 10
Average net income (profit) per order $100
Total profits from new organic search customers in a given month $1,000
Average number of orders per customer over a “lifetime” 5
Total average lifetime profit $5,000
Monthly marketing budget (expense) $2,500
Average lifetime profits from new customers ($5,000) divided by monthly organic marketing spend ($2,500) ROI = 200%


As you can see, one variable can make a HUGE difference in properly calculating ROI.

Organic Search Requires an Ongoing Investment

Organic search isn’t like PPC; one should not expect an organic search campaign to yield immediate results. A well designed organic campaign will involve a combination of content marketing and link-building activities, supplemented by social promotion. These activities take time to research and execute – not to mention the time that passes before Google indexes the work.

The Google Paradox

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. SEO has proven to be the exception to this rule.

In fact, the EXACT same activities that once thrust a KW phrase to number one in the SERPs can now trigger manual or algorithmic pain. In other words, doing the same thing as in the past, can and will yield very different results.

Developing a Budget

I’m often asked by prospective clients how much money one should budget in order to achieve Goal X in Y period of time. It would be terrific if search marketing was like programming – a straight-up “if this, then that” proposition. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There are too many outside variables in play.

The rate of achieving a goal is impacted by a number of factors, beyond your control or the marketers’. Things like the number of competitors in a niche, the quality of competing websites, the quality of competitor link profiles, and the strength of competing brands are all wildcards that will have an impact how quickly one gets traction in organic search.

That said, the right budget is one that you can comfortably afford and stick with for at least three to six months. It takes that long to plan, organize, develop, execute, and then accurately evaluate the success of a campaign. Generally speaking, more budget dollars equals more resources, which can expedite meeting established goals and objectives.

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Tacoma Internet Marketing Services

When you are in need of Tacoma Internet marketing solutions, you can use our company as a base of operations. Internet marketing goes much farther than the ads that you see in search engines, and you want to make sure that your business is marketed as well as possible. The majority of people who use these services will be able improve their companies performance if they are fully immersed in their marketing campaign.

The Ads

We can place online ads in search engines or websites as much as you like. We target your customers for you, and we make sure that the ads are appearing to only those people that might buy from you. The ads we create come from the materials that you submit to us. We will adjust these ads to make sure that they are going to look good online, and we will add any copy writing that you want to add to the marketing.


When your ads are online, they are tracked by our staff to check their effectiveness. We want to know who they have reached, and we want to know who clicked on the ads. We can check traffic to your website to see if the ads are working, and we can edit the ads as much as needed to make sure that you are able to bring in as many customers as possible. If we are not tracking your ads, we will never know how effective they are.

Your Website

When you want to update your website, you need to make sure that you use one of our designers. Our designers are able to help you update your website, or they can create a brand new website that will make your business look great.

You can have your website feature any style of artwork, music and videos you want. You can create the content for the site, but we will organize that content for you.

Tacoma Internet marketing is needed for every business that wants to compete in the market. These services change the way your business operates, and you gain more exposure for your brand.

Tacoma Search Engine Optimization Services

The goal of SEO (search engine optimization) is increasing the traffic that comes to your website.

SEO accomplished this by getting quality results from search engines. Simply put, it is all about creating a website that generates organic traffic coming from search term queries related to its content.

Any good marketer knows how important website design, search engine marketing, analytics, branding, submission, and SEO are to their success. All website owners have the choice of doing it themselves or hiring it done by experts like Tacoma Search Engine Optimization Services.

Companies like this who specialize in tweaking websites to draw in more traffic can make or break online businesses. They are the perfect solution for any website that is involved in eCommerce.


Because search engine optimization is so multi-faceted and time consuming, one of the best benefits to hiring it done, is to free yourself up to tend to other important aspects of your business. If you spend all your time on SEO then many other areas of your business would suffer.

Good SEO work involves things like –

• Traffic Analysis
• Website Planning
• Web Design
• Navigation
• Keyword Optimization

and a whole range of additional marketing methods. It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Good website promotion depends on an effective SEO campaign. You want your site to be at the top of the page results in the search engines.

Another huge benefit to hiring your own SEO company, is not having to stay on top of the ever changing way that Google and the search engines operate. This much effort needs to be left to those who have chosen to specialize in it. These companies stay up-to-date so you don’t have to. They understand what is new within the industry and how to implement it perfectly.

Peace of mind is one of the best benefits of hiring an SEO company. It takes the worry off your shoulders about whether or not anyone is going to find your website. Without customers business takes a nose dive.

The average website owner usually has no idea how to analyze or promote their business. They may have a working knowledge of how to add content to it, but are just not savvy regarding SEO. These companies will utilize methods like directory submission, blogging, articles marketing, and more.

For the money you will pay to have an SEO company like Tacoma Search Engine Optimization Services handle your website, you will get all the benefits of professional work done for your site, and have the confidence of knowing that people are going to come to do business.

Tacoma Web Development Services

Reasons Why You Need Tacoma Web Development Services

If you are making plans to combine and publish your own website or blog, it is a good idea to do a little background on the way things work. Nobody is suggesting that you need to learn html code or anything as in depth as that, but successful webmasters generally understand the scope of things they are getting into. There are many areas that demand a certain amount of knowledge when it comes to an effective website, and it is not just about the content being published. You won’t have to go back to school to move forward; however, here are a few things to remember.


The first thing to keep in mind is that you are probably going to want to turn your website into an opportunity to earn for you. The basic requirement may be to set up a merchant account, but you can be sure that such an accomplishment will not bring prospective buyers to your door. This can only be achieved through the expertise of a Tacoma web development that understands and is in a position to implement those needs. In addition to introducing those new readers to your website, you should also be in a position to evaluate the visitors you receive.

Getting Noticed

Some webmasters spend hours and more money than they should on certain issues which relate primarily to the color scheme and appearance of their site. This is important when it comes to eye candy, but considering the size of the Internet, the focus should also be on marketing. It doesn’t take a genius to appreciate the fact that if people don’t know you exist; you will have failed. It is for this reason that smart website owners are always looking for new opportunities to get noticed, up to and including putting out their own smartphone apps.


With the advancement of technology and the Internet, new opportunities in the area of marketing have become available. Some agencies still restrict their options to snail mail, door hangers and radio or television spots. When you determine that a Tacoma web development company should help you market your operations, make certain that they are somewhat familiar with every aspect of electronic marketing. In addition to expanding your options, digital marketing has been proven to be more efficient and a lot less costly. What this means is simple, as a website operator, your marketing plans just got easier.

Seattle Web Development

Create Online Sales and Leads

Your website will need to be exceptional if you are going to increase sales and leads. Every website has the complete ability to achieve high success. Your business will grow quickly when it has optimized Web Development. Seattle Web Development will help your business to completely take advantage of the emerging trends. Your site can evolve swiftly when you have the right solutions.

Custom Web Design Offered
You will be offered many opportunities when you choose seattle web development to provide services. You will appreciate the custom web design , integrated online marketing services, and development. These services will ensure that your business will continue to get exposure and that it will grow. These web services come with 18 years of experience in optimizing websites. Experience and knowledge ensure that every website receives complete transparency. Every client will receive the complete package of web design. All sites will be 100 percent professional because every website will need to make a good impression as well as build trust to all prospective customers.

Online Marketing Services
Every website will need a plan that must be executed in order to attract the right audience. The timing must be perfect in order to achieve this. These web development services will ensure that every client has an online marketing strategy in place. This is part of the web development services that each client will receive.

It is vital that crucial metrics are tracked. This ensures that a company will achieve success. The tracking of the crucial metrics will lead to many opportunities. Each client will be shown all of the opportunities that will expand their business.

Receive Superior Services
Every client can completely trust that they are a top priority. Seattle Web Development ensures that all the clients needs are met. The experience and knowledge that is offered to each client offers a great opportunity to build long lasting relationships. Every client has a goal in mind. They can completely trust that these services will ensure that their business goals are achieved. Each client will feel confident that these services will only benefit their business when their trust is placed in this web development solution.

Seattle Search Engine Optimization

Many business’ websites and SEO operations have recently been affected by the new updates on Google.

These updates have changed the format that websites use to increase traffic to their sites. These new rules have rendered some websites that are using Seattle Search Engine Optimization nearly useless. Fortunately, there are companies that offer services to repair this glitch in the sites that use the old ways that SEOs were used.

With these changes, many websites were nearly obliterated to the bottom of the search lists in their rankings. With the implementation of Hummingbird and Penguin 2.1, Google has made changes to how sites are able to post their content. The rules have not really changed , but the way that they are followed has.

Websites are no longer allowed to post back links to your site from other sites using strategic key words. This type of practice was a prosperous way of driving traffic to specific websites. Sites that are found to be using this type of SEO practices are now pushed down to the bottom of the search field. Google now requires that there be a naturally phrased connection between the key word and the link that is posted.

This phrasing will require work on your current website. Back links that are put on your website must now be linked to natural phrases such as “For more info,” “Company Name,” “Click Here,” and other similar direct words or phrases. This poses a problem for unknown and new websites that can not afford to pay for pay-per-click advertising, and rely on this form of SEO to drive business to their websites. This is the reason why it is so important to take action now by calling a professional Seattle Search Engine Optimization team to tackle your website and bring your rankings back to the top where they belong.

If your website falls into the new restricted SEO guidelines, there are services to help get your Seattle SEO strategy back on track. This onset of rules enforcement is relatively new, so there are many websites that have been knocked down the ratings because of not fitting in the parameters of these new search engine guidelines. The sooner that you act on the issue, the farther ahead you will be of your competitors. Although addressing these issues comes with a cost, you can not afford not to have business coming to your site.

Seattle Internet Marketing

If you live in the Seattle, Washington area, you have many choices when it comes to Internet marketing.

There are several ways to do Seattle Internet Marketing if you take the right steps, and choose the right companies to back you in your marketing plans. If you have a business or a company that you would like to market on the internet, you can do so, but you need to know what your ultimate goal is, as well as your business plan. Internet marketing consists of advertising the business, company, or organization that you have, on the internet, in an effort to promote it and make profits.

Profits are the basis of any business, and it’s imperative to make your profits through any means possible. Even if you have a storefront business, Internet marketing can still work to bring you more customers, as well as profits. It’s even better if you have an online business, as well as a storefront, then Internet marketing would be a great sales strategy. Using Internet marketing along with other forms of advertising for your business, can only excel your exposure, and give you several chances to make an impression on your new potential customers.

Seattle Internet marketing can also help you to advertise on social media networks, which is very important nowadays if you’re running a business. Social media is one of the best ways to advertise any business or event, that you want publicized to the general public. Statistics show that most people spend at least 50% of their time online on a specific social media network website. Seeing that this is the case, there should be no other first choice for you, but to choose a social media platform to advertise your business. You can choose which social media networks you want to advertise on.

There are several Internet marketing strategies you can use that are very affordable, including social media marketing. Many social media networks are free of charge to advertise, so you have a platform to advertise your business that won’t cost you anything. Only if you choose to make your business more visible on the social media website, will it then cost you a few dollars. In the past, advertising would cost hundreds of dollars in ads, thousands of dollars in videos, and sometimes millions of dollars in ad campaigns. Now with Internet marketing, there is no need to spend so much money to get your business out there.