5 Communication Trends to Boost Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

The constantly evolving media landscape looks nothing like it did just a few years ago. Consumers interact with a myriad of channels and devices—from email to Snapchat, Apple to Android—leading to a volume of messaging that can take some time to wrap your head around. For instance, in 2013, 182.9 billion emails were sent/ received per day worldwide. That number is projected to grow by 5% by the end of 2014. Another interesting figure: more than 500 million tweets are sent each day. Something else to keep in mind is that messages like emails and tweets can now be relayed via mobile devices.

With so many things vying for consumers’ attention, people havebecome more selective and learned how to easily sift through messages to pinpoint which ones are actually valuable to them (with “valuable,” of course, being the operative word). As customer behavior and preferences evolve, marketers need to stay on top of these trends and employ strategies to stay relevant while conveying the value of their products and services.

The most successful marketers are nimble and flexible.

They use data-driven insights to deliver relevant, personalized communications that are seamlessly deployed across channels. Ideally, those who provide an optimal brand experience will be rewarded with customer loyalty. Catering to prospects and customers can be easier said than done, however. In this whitepaper, we focus on five key communications trends affecting the way consumers engage with marketers…

  1. Evolving relationship with the inbox
  2. Relevant, personalized communications
  3. Email anytime, anywhere
  4. Added-value content
  5. Rise of the passive opt-out

Evolving relationship with the inbox. Users’ relationships with the email inbox have drastically changed and the increased adoption of mobile devices and Gmail updates have influenced this evolution.


The traditional model of companies managing relationships with customers has been flipped on its head. We’ve entered an age where companies should no longer employ the traditional CRM system to manage their customers, but rather employ a system that addresses CMR: Customer-Managed Relationships. Shoppers are more empowered than ever and have the freedom to choose where and when they interact with brands. Today that means via mobile devices most of the time, at any hour of the day (see point #3). In the first quarter of 2014, Yesmail found that more than half of email opens (51.6%) occur on a mobile device. What’s more, hybrid viewers—people who open the same email on desktops and mobile devices—dropped 12% between Q4 2013 and Q1. Now, consumers are showing a preference for a specific device: 46.8% of consumers open marketing emails exclusively on a mobile device versus 45.7% solely on a desktop.

Many email marketers are employing responsive design in their campaigns to eliminate the need for subscribers to pinch and zoom a message just to read it on various devices. Responsive emails automatically adapt to the size of the screen they’re opened on and the results of this adjustment are promising: responsive emails have a 21% higher click-to-open rate than status quo (read: nonresponsive) emails. Despite the increased usage of smartphones and tablets and greater engagement with mobile-friendly email, marketers have been slow to adapt. Just 1% of marketers incorporate responsive design in all their emails.

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Common Misconceptions Digital Marketing

If you understand what electronic marketing is, you must understand exactly how efficient it has come to be today. Well, in some cases it is discovered that novices encounter a couple of typical mistaken beliefs regarding electronic marketing. And also inevitably, they have to taste early defeat in this tough market. Believe it or otherwise, I have actually likewise gone through the very same situations. This is why; I feel I should inform you exactly what factors can largely have negative impacts on your electronic media advertising initiatives.

It is no doubt that in this innovation driven globe, electronic media based marketing has given the business development a brand-new improving towards faster development. But following are some typical errors that a newbie should stay clear of:.

Greater time consumption versus less outcomes: The first thing that lets down a newbie is time versus outcomes. It is a fact that there is hardly any route to success (other than pay-per-click advertisement) in the electronic or the online marketing ball! When you start to start market your company online, you need to stand and also watch for outcomes for some time. After a few end results, rework on technique could lead to expected outcomes. However this does not indicate that you need to stop working on electronic media based advertising schemes. Something you need to bear in mind or communicate to your superiors that outcomes of digital marketing visit for a long time. As soon as the flow of company beings, it does far a lot better in profits collection compared to off-line marketing procedures.

It is as well technical and also hard to track or gauge: I can personally tell you that I have actually come across folks that merely attempt to void electronic or online marketing as it is a bit technological. A few of my friends and even clients are heard to claim, “You folks much better recognize factors as you have the technical know how”. However let me inform you my friends, I am not at all technical individual and also I do not hold any type of technological level. Yet, Goggling around as well as with the help of several of my friends, I am now conveniently managing my own website’s online marketing process. And talking about the tracking procedure, I could state there are so many tools to evaluate and also trace the outcome of your electronic advertising efforts. For instance, there are lots of keyword analysis tools that assist you recognize the best key phrases or phrases that would certainly assist you move forward and outperform your rivals on Google search results page.

You need to spend lump sum cash for success: One more obstacle that can really affect a novice to take the very first firm step in the domain name of electronic or online marketing is a money problem. Some folks have a large mistaken belief that digital or online marketing implies a financial investment of a considerable part of your advertising and marketing budget plan. Yet this is not at all important. Whether you use any kind of digital marketer or on your own begin to operate in this domain, quite nominal investment can begin revealing you greater results. You can anticipate far better results from other standard advertising schemes even. There are many cost-free techniques that can be executed to obtain firsthand outcomes.

SEO is going to die so stop this nonsense: There are many Big Brothers which have expanded some deep know-how in themselves regarding Google and also Search Engine Optimization. They have the judgment – Google now does not allow or follow typical methods of optimization of website page (Meta tags, material and so on) so it is not necessary to invest your cash in electronic or online marketing (INTERNET MARKETING is definitely the part of it). It would certainly be far better to adhere to other strategies. These sorts of fertilization are just false impressions concerning digital advertising and marketing! The on-page SEO (working with Meta and also content) still has importance to Google and other online search engine. Those ploys lead search spiders to index as well as show the most effective results against the customer queries. Yes, INTERNET MARKETING methods are coming to be advanced to bring the most effective result in the customers and also it is not visiting die till the search engines are in the marketplace.

Social networking is all electronic or online marketing: In this age of ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘exactly what’s Up’ individuals are increasing a deep false impression in themselves. They have actually started to believe that social media sites marketing is overall in electronic advertising. If you can market you company in social stations, you then do not need to do anything else. But also for the novices I need to claim, quit thinking also! If you search, you would certainly locate there are a lot of other strategies that help in bringing outcomes. Do not indulge your time completely on social media sites advertising. For instance, you have to recognize and work on making your online presence mobile friendly to get to the best variety of folks. And to do that, you need to understand some crucial methods that stand as a part of digital media based advertising.

Well, there are many various other false impressions regarding electronic marketing procedures. Yet I have attempted to put forward only 5 misconceptions that should lead a novice to defeat! I have directly charred my nail falling in a few of such damaging misconceptions. So I think, everyone must look into well as well as learn the fact. There are many blog sites of experts that can assist a newbie to success in electronic and also online marketing. As an example, Google’s Spokesperson Mr. Matt Cutts has a blog where he shares his great thought and feelings on electronic and also online marketing good practices. Such blogs and aids are numerous and also list below those, success is expected to come for a novice. I desire the above factors would assist you all be successful in avoiding typical mistaken beliefs of electronic advertising. Know the fact and get the success.